Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Quayside

As part of the pact the Mr and I made to try out new places for lunch in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, we also vowed to try some breakfast spots too. It always feels so indulgent to skip your usual bowl of porridge and head to a nice little cafe for something entirely more calorific, doesn’t it? We usually only really do it on holiday; the last time we went for breakfast was at the Chateau Marmont in LA! Now THAT was an experience. Sitting outside in the sun soaked courtyard, people watching and feeling everyone’s eyes on you when you went to the loo, only to be disappointed that you weren’t some Hollywood starlet…

Quay Ingredient
Amazing flat white

Anyway yesterday we thought we would try out the Quay Ingredient (I’m assured the food is the best in Toon, as it was classed the #1 restaurant in Newcastle on Trip Advisor for quite some time). I think we are pretty late to the party, as everyone I know raves about their delicious breakfasts. High time to try it out.

As anyone with a small child knows, however, getting out the door when you want to is nigh on impossible! Just as we were ready to leave Little Dude decided he wanted a 2 hour nap, so what was meant to be breakfast turned into more of a brunch, which made for pretty hungry Toon Lunch Clubbers as we’d been up since 6am…

Quay Ingredient
The quirky art at Quay Ingredient

Rocking up to the Quay Ingredient 5 minutes before breakfast last orders (11.30am), we were glad we knew exactly where we were going as we’d spotted it when we went to the Bridge Tavern – no walking in circles this time! We spent no time at all deciding what we wanted, with the Mr ready to gnaw his own arm off he settled on a full English £6.95 (2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 toast, mushrooms, tomato, black pud….!) He was asked if he wanted beans and hash browns with it – he did (£2 extra).

Being a sucker for Eggs Benedict I plumped for Eggs Montreal £6.95, which included some of Neil Robson’s delicious smoked salmon from L. Robson & Sons smokehouse in Craster.

Clearly I can’t get enough of smoked fish from the pretty coastal Northumberland town, as last lunch club was at The Jolly Fisherman in Craster.

As it was still morning, coffee was needed and a flat white and Americano were swiftly added to the order.

Quay Ingredient
Coffee for two

While we waited for our food we helped ourselves to the Kilner Drinks Dispenser filled with lemon water on the bar (nice touch!), and perused the regional magazines on offer. Little Dude was quite happily checking out the students at the next table whilst chewing on his teether (first little tooth has made an appearance this week). He’s becoming quite the little ladies man already…!

Brunch at Quay Ingredient
Brunch at Quay Ingredient

The food arrived and delighted the Mr, who was impressed by the size and quality of his fry up. Luckily he’s not a mushroom fan so these were swiftly moved onto my plate (they were perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked ‘proper’ mushrooms, in case you’re interested!) I had a little taste of the sausages which were meaty and delicious, the black pudding which was great quality and the hash browns which were as good as a hash brown gets this side of the States. The only let down according to the Mr was the bacon,  which would’ve been great had it not been a little on the cold side. Everything else was so good though so that more than made up for it. My Eggs Montreal were delicious, expertly smoked salmon which wasn’t too overpowering, and a perfectly executed hollandaise which could’ve been a touch warmer but I’m nitpicking now.

I’m not sure where they source their coffee from but it was a might fine cup of java, with perfectly frothed milk (I was a barista for many years and really value a well made coffee!)

The full English
The full English

After feeding LD his pureed carrots and green beans (he was NOT impressed, he wanted the Eggs Montreal!) we were on our merry way. The sun had come out and it was a lovely day for a walk up Grey Street to the Grainger Market so the Mr could have his camera lens broken (don’t ask, apparently it means you can take interesting photos). Oh yes I should give him a plug – Andy Hudson Photography, for all your photography needs!

Grainger Market
I never tire of the Grainger Market

As I can’t possibly visit the Grainger Market without grabbing myself a sweet treat from Pet Lamb Patisserie, I popped in and bought a freshly baked lime and coconut cupcake for later (which was delicious!)

Pet Lamb Patisserie
Pet Lamb Patisserie

Then it was time to head home after running a few more errands in the Toon. All in all we agreed that we’d had a great time and we will definitely be back to the Quay Ingredient, a small but perfectly formed jewel in Newcastle’s brunch crown!

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