• Good Honest Grub - Dog Leap Cafe Review

    Where is the last place you’d expect to find a chef with a Michelin-starred background setting up shop? I’d say a Cathedral café is pretty high up the list. But that’s exactly where Dean Eccles is turning out deliciously hearty home cooked grub.

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  • Pig Out - Kracklin Review

    Sometimes you don’t want a fancy meal, sometimes you just want a really good sandwich. Newcastle is awash with burger places and smokehouses, but until recently it’s been seriously lacking in decent sandwich places. To call Kracklin a ‘sandwich place’ is doing it a bit of disservice though. The first impressions we had were this place is COOL. Small […]

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  • Greed is Good - Rub Smokehouse Review

    Rub Smokehouse is one of the latest contenders in the ‘dude food’ battle – basically the bigger the portion, the better. Think double cheeseburgers INSIDE calzone pizzas, towering mountains of belgian waffles and fried chicken and every man versus food (#foodporn) dish imaginable. Greed is good here people! The restaurant is in The Gate complex, […]

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