• Colonel Cuts the Mustard - Colonel Porter's Emporium Review

    Ever heard of Colonel Porter? Apparently he invented Newcastle Brown Ale in the 1920’s and travelled around the world distributing it. We paid a visit to the “Tavern, Botanical Garden and Rhum Bar” named after him to check out the grub on offer.

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  • Good Honest Grub - Dog Leap Cafe Review

    Where is the last place you’d expect to find a chef with a Michelin-starred background setting up shop? I’d say a Cathedral café is pretty high up the list. But that’s exactly where Dean Eccles is turning out deliciously hearty home cooked grub.

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  • Simply Spanish - Tapas Revolution Review

    Of all the restaurants that have recently opened in Eldon Square, Tapas Revolution was the one we were most looking forward to trying. It’s one of a group of seven restaurants run by Omar Allibhoy, the award winning  Spanish chef on a mission to bring the best Spanish food to the UK. We visited at lunchtime on […]

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