• Tipi Treats - Vallum Farm Review

    It’s December so it’s time to get festive and eat ALL the food. We headed to Vallum Farm where they are serving Sunday Lunch in a tipi – complete with lots of twinkly lights and fire pit in the middle. What could be more festive than that?!

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  • Good Honest Grub - Dog Leap Cafe Review

    Where is the last place you’d expect to find a chef with a Michelin-starred background setting up shop? I’d say a Cathedral café is pretty high up the list. But that’s exactly where Dean Eccles is turning out deliciously hearty home cooked grub.

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  • Elegant Decadence - Dobson and Parnell Review

    Dobson and Parnell has been on our radar since it opened in December and we were excited to check it out. Located at the prestigious 21 Queen Street – former home of Terry Labourne’s michelin-starred restaurant before it moved and more recently Pan Haggerty, they have big boots to fill.

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